I just realised something. I never really said anything about who I am, and my about me is about as much use as a nun’s tits so i thought i’d set the score straight about, who and/or what makes me what i am. There are probably some people following me who think they know who I am, but aren’t really sure if they are sure about knowing who they think I am.

Basically its all very confusing. Its very big headed of me to post a post about me, but its my blog so…. live with it

We’ll start with the basics.

Name - Fraser James Edgecombe (yeah, don’t give me grief for it, i get enough!) Saville
Age - 17
Height - 5’ 8 1/2”
Hair - Up for debate, however many settle on Auburn.

I’d have to say my main interest is music, I am an obsessive guitarist (check me out). But i love collecting music, most importantly, i love collecting music that nobody i know has heard of. There’s something satisfying about having the secret.

I’d have to say, I am also a massive fan of the outdoors… I have an absolute love with the sea, love to surf, love to bodyboard and just love to be in and around the culture of the coast. The simplicity of it all is just far too good to pass up.

I suppose i’m fairly outgoing, however i would love to be more so. I want to find myself in a different underground culture in the city every night, just immersing myself in the people.
I have two ideal lives that i want to live out. One is basically located in the city, with a bustling social life and night life in an apartment which suits my tastes to a tee. And the other is the total opposite, living life as isolated as possible on the beach, with just simple things like nature and love for someone to keep me happy. I don’t know, neither of them would really work 100% for me, but whatever.

I go to uni this September, of course i will be studying music,  and i’ll hopefully end up at either Liverpool or Southampton to do this. And this is where i’ll be sitting out the next three years of my life.
After that… who knows? I have intentions to travel a lot, meet some people, make some memories but i suppose i hope most of all that one day, you’ll know me for more than just this blog.

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