Hi to all the new people recently (and again to the oldies), realised I haven’t said much about who I am for a while…

  • I’m Fraser James
  • 19 years old
  • Study music at Liverpool University, UK
  • From London
  • Enjoy: music, the sea, surfing, bodyboarding, my friends, my girlfriend, grainy images, imperfect recordings, gigs, sticky toffee pudding, driving fast, being cold, travelling, being the first or last to do something and you.
  • I’m a singer songwriter of my own solo material and play in a band ‘Baxter Wilson
  • Going skiing next week

I think thats probably all for now. This is a song called “Scattered”, its one people seem to enjoy I guess so hopefully you do too :)
I’m not a monster, so feel free to ask me stuff

I dream of the day

When I’m a hot girl and over 50 people like my profile picture on Facebook.

Why oh why?

I just lost a follower when I hadn’t even digressed from the stuff I normally post. And so I’m thinking,

1.Well, maybe if I’d posted some nudey photos of myself and you thought "Hey this isn’t what I signed up for!" and you unfollowed, fair play. (But that didn’t happen)

2.Why would you follow in the first place? (Unless of course you were hoping endlessly for nudey photos of myself, and have given up all hope at this very moment in time, and so, constantly tormented by my posts of non-nudey photos of not myself, you unfollowed)

3. A man has broken into your house, has a gun in your mouth, tells you to unfollow me, you say “no”, he cocks the gun, a tear runs down your cheek candescent with fear, and he starts counting like “5, 4, 3, 2…" At this point, you nod your head. And click unfollow.

These are the only three possible explanations as to why that person just unfollowed me.